• toews: i want 12 million
  • kane: me too
  • blackhawks: ...
  • toews: ...
  • kane: ...
  • blackhawks: i came out to have a good time and i am honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • "I changed both my contacts, I have fresh contacts so I can see great."
    Aaron Ekblad on the bus to the Draft (via lileflottante)


    people who just find out about hockey fandom are like OH MY GOD EVERYONE IS SO NICE AND HAPPY 
    friend you should’ve seen us 2 weeks ago


    sometimes i think my standards are too high. but than i remember that it’s not my fault god made hockey players. 

    Tuukka had an interview on a radio little while ago, so I decided to translate a small part of it.


    Interviewer: ”How did life change after becoming a father?”

    Tuukka: ”It changed for a better of course. Although getting little less sleep, and so on. Our young lady is a little over a month old, I haven’t been much of use yet, I just try to be there for my wife and help with little things. It’s been an amazing experience so far, and every day it gets better.” (x)